Individual defense in business criminal law


Criminal proceedings in the business criminal sector are extensive and complex. They require a high specification and detailed knowledge in the jurisdiction and their special procedural peculiarities. Plan A is very experienced and specialized in this section

Plan A supports you in the whole criminal proceedings. We support you during the search as well, as during the main trial. Plan A is experienced in the handle with authorities. Each case is different. We defend pragmatically and targeted with a clear view on the best result for you. Therefor we work, therefor we fight.



  • Ingo Bott: Defense in an extensive criminal proceeding regarding the suspicion of commercial fraud.
  • Ingo Bott: numerous defenses in criminal proceedings against doctors, ship captains and plant operator regarding the accusation of negligent homicide or negligent bodily injury.
  • Ingo Bott / Maximillian Kohlhof: Defense in a criminal proceeding regarding the suspicion of bribery in international business transactions.



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