Search and Mock Down Raid

Any person, any company can find itself in a search. For the state, even a very low level of suspicion is sufficient. It is therefore important to be prepared for an emergency. We practice this emergency with you and your employees in the context of a simulated search – Mock Dawn Raid.

If a search actually takes place, we will accompany it at and with you on site. If the search is extensive, we cooperate with law firms from our network. Whatever befalls you, we will not leave you in the lurch.



  • Ingo Bott: Numerous search trainings at corporations, companies and law firms
  • Ingo Bott: Drafting of compliance catalogs and conduct standards for searches for several corporations, companies and law firms.



  • Ingo Bott: Practicing for the Real Thing – An Introduction to Mock Dawn Raids, Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel 17/2015, S. 14
  • Ingo Bott: Search of law firms – not much protection from Strasbourg – at the same time comment on the judgment of the EGMR v. 3.09.2015, Sérvulo & Associades et. Al v. Portugal (27013/10), Operating consultant 2015, S. 3084-3087.