Complex procedeedings such as the Loveparade-trial

Criminal investigations as well as the trial are often very extensive and complex. In these kinds of proceedings even just the file usually includes tens of thousands and sometimes, as in the so called Loveparade-Trial, hundreds of thousands of pages. Dr. Ingo Bott represented one of the defendants in said trial.


Plan A – Criminal law firm has extensive experience in complicated scope proceedings. Many of our cases consist of an enormous number of main file folders, evidence folders, special folders, trace files, personal files, photograph folders, etc. This does not discourage. On the contrary: We work out the contents of all the files and devise a pragmatic and custom-fit strategy in cooperation with you.

Even when files are piled to the ceiling and fill several rooms, we stay on top of them. We are always up to date and make sure that you are to. We don’t leave you overwhelmed. When things get complicated, we’re there.



  • Ingo Bott: Defense of a defendant in the so-called Love Parade trial
  • Ingo Bott: Witness assistance in the so-called Dieselgate scandal
  • Ingo Bott: Representation and defense of an internationally oriented company against antitrust allegations



  • Ingo Bott (regarding the so called Loveparade trial): The basis and scope of the mayor’s assumption of duties for specific reasons, using the example of § 62 I 4 GO NRW“, NJOZ 2018, S. 1241 ff