Representation of corporations in corporate criminal law proceedings

The investigation proceedings in white collar crime often do not only involve private individuals, but entire companies. Corporate criminal law determines the procedures.


Politicians regularly demand tougher and faster sanctions against companies. At the same time, the increasing Europeanization and internationalization of the law is leading to an ever-denser jungle of regulations regarding companies. The result is a legal downward spiral: The pitfalls are increasing, and the consequences of a violation of the law are becoming more and more drastic.

Plan A – Criminal law firm represents companies and defends them against government investigation, regardless of whether it is a DAX company, medium-sized business, sports club, sports association, shipping company, law firm, medical practice, clinic or pharmacy. In order to prevent risks, we also work with you to develop and implement sensible and custom-fit compliance concepts in advance. We already think about the defence of tomorrow.



  • Ingo Bott: Representation of a DAX company as defense counsel in administrative fine proceedings due to allegations of illegal employee leasing and employment of bogus self-employed workers.
  • Ingo Bott: Representation of an internationally oriented company from the private equity sector in a criminal competition fine proceeding.
  • Ingo Bott: Representation and defense of an internationally oriented company against antitrust charges.
  • Maximilian Kohlhof: The purpose of associational punishment. A Penal Theoretical Investigation (Dissertation, Duncker & Humblot, 2018)





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