Plan A – Criminal law firm advises, accompanies and represents individuals and companies in all areas to criminal law. The firm’s lawyers are fluent in several languages including German, English, Spanish, Turkish and Greek.

Plan A – Criminal law firm has a particularly close connection to Spanish-speaking countries. The founder of the firm, German lawyer Dr. Ingo Bott, is a member of the German-Spanish Lawyers Association. He regularly advises on cases relating to Spain. Dr. Ingo Bott regularly publishes articles in Spanish on general criminal law, criminal procedural law, white-collar crimes, and compliance.

A tight bond with South and Central America has led Dr. Ingo Bott to give lectures on criminal law at congresses in Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. During this year he will participate in a conference which is part of a Peruvian series organised by the World Compliance Association and Plan A – Criminal law firm.

It is this close relationship with the law of the Spanish-speaking world that makes Plan A – Criminal law firm address many issues that fall outside the competences covered by criminal law. Some of the most recurrent matters that come to the office are incorporations, development and liquidation of companies, rentals and ownership (of properties in Mallorca, for example), as well as family matters including marriages and guardianships, wills, estates and inheritances.

To be able to answer such questions, Plan A – Criminal law firm works hand in hand and in full confidence with external partners:

  • Spanish lawyer Carlos Vázquez (specialist in civil law, civil procedural law, international private law, tourism law as well as consumer law in connection with real estate law)

Each of our collaborating partners runs his own law firm and has no organisational relationship with Plan A – Criminal law firm. However, we have known each other for a long time, we appreciate each other on a professional and personal level, and we have a common goal: to offer individuals and companies a complete service for any situation that may arise. Just like the German lawyers of Plan A – Criminal law firm, Carlos Vázquez and María Barbancho are always at your disposal for whatever you need or, as we say in German, #wennmalwasist.

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