Criminal competition law, plagiarizing of merchandise and anti-trust law

Business and trade secrets are the crown jewels of a company. They are the core of economic success and must therefore be particularly protected through tailor-made compliance. The company must be especially protected against counterfeiting. Plan A – Criminal law firm have been specialized in this field for many years and is very experienced.

Agreements between companies that restrict competition and monopolies are generally prohibited. Proceedings under antitrust law are complex and lengthy. Regularly criminal investigations are added to the proceedings, usually involving suspicion of embezzlement, competition offenses, agreements restricting competition and tax evasion.

It is important to combat antitrust risks preventively through effective compliance and prevent these problems from arising in the first place. If, in exceptional cases, they cannot be avoided, it is important to react quickly and set the course at an early stage so that any sanctions are as low as possible or, in the best case, do not occur at all.



  • Ingo Bott: Advice on compliance and prosecution in product piracy matters for a DAX company.
  • Ingo Bott: multiple advice regarding compliance and prosecution in matters of betrayal of business and trade secrets at an internationally oriented private bank and at several medium-sized companies
  • Ingo Bott: Representation and defense of an internationally oriented company against antitrust charges





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  • Ingo Bott: Defense in Competition and Copyright Crimes, Third Joint Event of Deutscher Strafverteidiger e.V. and Wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Vereinigung e.V.: Specific Constellations in Commercial Criminal Law – Cartels, Patents and Corruption, Frankfurt am Main, 27.03.2015