Individual defence for white collar crime proceedings

Plan A – Criminal law firm represent the defendants in typical white collar crime proceedings. These proceedings often involve suspicions of breach of trust, embezzlement, corruption, criminal labour law, bankruptcy offenses, competition offenses or tax evasion.

White collar crime proceedings are extensive and complex. They require a high professional specialisation and detailed knowledge of the different areas of law, as well as their procedural particularities. Plan A has deep expertise and is very experienced in this area.

Plan A – Criminal law firm supports you throughout the entire criminal proceedings – during the search as well, as the main trial. Plan A is practiced in interacting with the authorities. Each case is different, each case is distinct. We defend pragmatically and work targeted to reach the best result for our client. That is what we work for, that is what we fight for.



  • Ingo Bott: Defense in an extensive criminal proceeding regarding the suspicion of commercial fraud.
  • Ingo Bott: numerous defenses in criminal proceedings against doctors, ship captains and plant operator regarding the accusation of negligent homicide or negligent bodily injury.
  • Ingo Bott / Maximillian Kohlhof: Defense in a criminal proceeding regarding the suspicion of bribery in international business transactions.



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