Witness assistance

As a witness, you are an immensely important piece of evidence in criminal proceedings. The parties to the proceedings, the court, the prosecution and the defence, want to know how you perceived a particular event. Since this information is often of great importance, things can quickly become hectic.

Plan A – Criminal law firm ensures that you are protected and remain protected in criminal proceedings. We safeguard your rights as a witness and ensure that the other parties to the proceedings respect these rights. Even when things get hectic, we stand firmly by your side.



  • Ingo Bott: Witness assistance in connection with the so-called Dieselgate scandal during interrogations by the public prosecutor’s office, the LKA and a foreign investigating authority
  • Ingo Bott: Several assistance services for witnesses of a DAX group in connection with a main hearing in the matter of a so-called international sales tax carousel
  • Ingo Bott: Witness Assistance in a Main Trial for Domestic Violence



  • Ingo Bott: “The legal witness assistance”, StraFO 2018, page to be announced.