Medical criminal law

The time of the criminal inviolability of the “gods in white” is over. Today, doctors operate in a dangerous environment in terms of criminal law. Many public prosecutor’s offices have set up departments that specialize in medical criminal law

Criminal proceedings against doctors and hospital managers are often linked to accusations of negligent homicide or bodily injury. Suspicions of billing fraud or violations of the German Medicines and Narcotics Act are also frequent. Additionally, there are sometimes investigations on suspicion of bribery and corruption in the healthcare sector. Along with the classic defence, Plan A – Criminal law firm also has an eye on questions of licensing, contract physician licensing and dealing with Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. We take care of you comprehensively.

In addition to doctors, Plan A – Criminal law firm also advises clinics, hospitals, pharmacists, laboratories, care facilities, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. In these cases, we do not only defend, but also work on compliance concepts to prevent sanctioning risks from arising in the first place.



  • Ingo Bott: Numerous defenses of doctors’ criminal proceedings on charges of involuntary homicide or negligent infliction of bodily harm by medical malpractice
  • Ingo Bott: Defense and compliance counseling of group practices against allegations of medical billing fraud
  • Ingo Bott: Defense and compliance counseling for group practices in connection with allegations of bribery and corruption in the health care industry





  • Ingo Bott: The efforts of the legislator to reform the (international) criminal law on corruption, lecture at the State Bureau of Criminal Investigation Baden-Württemberg; Anti-Corruption Working Group, Stuttgart, 16.11.2016; Focus: Corruption in the healthcare sector.