Criminal compliance, internal investigations, and ombudsman´s offices

The buzzword “compliance” is on everyone’s lips. And rightly so: This is due to the idea that companies must absolutely prevent violations of laws by their employees. Otherwise, they might be held accountable through organizational fault. This could lead to a very large fine against the company.

In cooperation with you, Plan A – Criminal law firm analyses where risks of violations could lie within your company. The analysis includes the organization of the company as well as measures taken for occupational health and safety, environmental protection issues, protection against the employment of false self-employed persons, antitrust defence, corruption prevention responsibilities and communication processes. If the suspicion arises that something is going wrong within the company, we will investigate it for you and with you as part of internal investigations.

Together we develop concepts laid down in written codes for how the company is set up from the Executive Board, Supervisory Board or Management to the operational levels. We implement these concepts through proven measures such as training, practical tests and train-the-trainer-programs. With us you are well positioned.



  • Ingo Bott: Compliance concept in the form of an anti-corruption code for the administration of a major German city
  • Ingo Bott: Compliance concept with regard to protection under labor law for a DAX company
  • Ingo Bott: Compliance concept with regard to protection under labor law for a DAX company



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